Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Let's start this off with an introduction:

My name is Chris Hector and I work for Dave Smith Instruments. I do a variety of tasks here including OS development, bug fixes, hardware repairs, and product testing and sounds. The list grows and shrinks depending on what needs to be done, one of the perks of working in a 5 person company. Currently I am the only other person focused on technical stuff besides Dave himself so basically I take all the tasks that I can handle that he doesn't want to do.

The major things I was hired to do were USB development, bug fixes and hardware repair. Since then my life mostly consists of redesigning the embedded OS and doing more feature development and design work.

I'm also a producer and performer of electronic music ( will have more tracks up soon, just a couple remixes that need their levels mixed better right now) and until working for Dave have been producing almost entirely inside the box. I use a PC with Cubase, a Virus TI and a large VST and sample library. I dabbled with analog and outboard gear over the years, everything from a Korg i30 (my first keyboard) to an Octave CAT, an Elektron Machinedrum, and all sorts of other little toys. I also use a Macbook pro laptop as a performance computer and have been trying various MIDI controllers and soundcards without having settled on anything yet. At some point I'll probably give a more robust list of my gear and studio setup to give an idea of how I solved certain problems in workflow and stability as they come up.

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