Friday, June 4, 2010

Prophet '08 Main OS 2.2.7 Final

This is the final candidate for the Prophet '08 Main 2.2.7 and Voice 1.5 OS update

Change Log:
  1. Additional Arpeggiator modes added - additional octaves and random modes
  2. Sequencer Slew added -  You can now use a sequence to control the slew rate of the previous sequencer. Eg., if you set Sequencer 1 up then you can set the destination of sequencer 2 to the very last selection, 'Seq Slew' and vary the amount for the slew individually for each step of sequence 1
  3. Encoder response updated - This greatly improves the response of the encoders both for the new and old versions of the hardware. There is a new global value 'Enc Mode' where you can select between 'Detent' and 'No Detent' options for the responsiveness of the encoders. If you have one of the Pot Edition front panel sets with non-detented encoders for all encoders except Param 1/2, select the 'No Detent' option and it will correctly set the Param 1/2 encoders to detented response
  4. Several minor bug fixes
For those who are updating from a 1.X OS, this includes the other 2.0 Updates including 2 channel Multi Mode

Prophet '08 Keyboard OS 2.2.7: P8Key_Main_2.2.7.syx
Prophet '08 Rack OS 2.2.7: P8Rack_Main_2.2.7.syx
Prophet '08 Voice OS 1.5: P8_Voice_1.5.syx

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